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Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry in Goodlettsville

Whether patients have had poor experiences in the past, or inherited fears from friends or family, dental anxiety presents a significant barrier for proper hygienic care. Dental sedation allows these fearful patients to receive necessary care while remaining relaxed and comfortable during the course of their treatment.

At Smile Solutions, we provide a number of sedation options, dependent on patients’ individual needs and comfort levels. Dr. Joseph Fox and anesthetic specialists at Smile Solutions provide patients with sedation dentistry in Goodlettsville for comfortable, effective dental treatment.


Comprehensive Care Using Sedation

Utilizing dental sedation allows patients to receive comprehensive care and multiple services in a limited number of appointments. Sedation also makes more complex services, such as root canal therapy, easy to tolerate. Patients are less likely to feel anxious due to the noises they may hear or the feelings of pressure that are still present when they are only numbed, as opposed to sedated. In addition to reducing anxiety, many patients enjoy the amnesiac effects, as they remain blissfully unaware of the details of their treatment.

Types of Sedation Available at Our Practice

Dr. Fox and our team offer a number sedation options dependent on patients’ individual needs. These methods allow patients to maintain a state of relaxation or twilight consciousness for longer visits and during extensive procedures. The sedation options we provide include:

Nitrous Oxide- This form of sedation is ideal for patients with mild anxieties, or who are too young for oral conscious and IV methods. Nitrous concentration can be adjusted throughout the course of treatment, creating deeper relaxation or alertness as necessary. Since nitrous requires continuous inhalation to be effective, removing the nitrous mask allows patients recover quickly and return to regular function for the rest of their day.

Oral Conscious- Oral conscious sedation is taken as a pill the night before treatment and another an hour prior to a scheduled appointment. As this form of sedation creates longer lasting feelings of relaxation than nitrous oxide, patients are required to have a designated driver to ensure that they safely arrive and depart from their appointment.

IV Sedation- For patients in need of comprehensive surgical care, we are partnered with an oral surgeon who provides IV sedation. This option puts patients to sleep so that they are not aware of treatment and will be able to forget the details of the procedure. This form of sedation is safe and is not the same as general anesthesia.

Relaxing Dentistry at Smile Solutions

Whether you are in need of comprehensive oral surgery, or are anxious about receiving dental care, contact Smile Solutions today. Dr. Fox and our team and provide sedation dentistry in Goodlettsville and throughout the neighboring communities.


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